Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen

General terms and conditions of renting the accommodation

Travel agency Fortis Travel Junior acts like a mediator between the Guest and the renter and provides the accommodation to the Guest according to the offer available on the website and in a certain period of time except in the case of extraordinary circumstances or force majeure such as war, fire, flood, strike, death of the renter or of a member of his/her immediate family, acts of terrorism, earthquake or similar situations.
Travel agency Fortis Travel Junior, 72, Tina Ujevića street, 21 220 Trogir, Croatia, OIB 55173215974 ensures the authenticity of the information about the accommodation units such as the images and data relating to the units that are available on the website –

2. Reservations and payment
Requests for bookings can be made either online or via a form available on the website The Guest is required to list all the necessary information (date of arrival and departure, number of adults and children, date of birth of children, contact: e mail address, phone number, and special requirements – if any). To make the booking, the Guest has to, within 3 working days upon accepting the offer, pay the deposit of 20% to 35% of the total price (the percentage is determined by the agency depending on the offer). Upon receiving the payment, the agency issues to the Guest a voucher containing all the necessary information. The Guest pays the rest of the balance upon arrival directly to the owner of the accommodation unit.
By paying the deposit the guest confirms that he/she is completely familiar with all the conditions under which a particular accommodation unit is offered. By paying in advance, everything stated in these terms and conditions becomes a legal obligation both for the Guest and the agency.

3. The price of accommodation and other services
The prices listed on the web page of the agency Fortis Travel Junior apply to a specific accommodation unit and are in euros. The prices include: daily rental of a particular accommodation unit, linen, towels, fully equipped kitchen (unless the accommodation unit is a room without a kitchen) with all the necessary dishes and cutlery, water, electricity and gas consumption, final cleaning. City tax is included in the price. The bookings in high season (July and August) that are shorter than 5 days increase the price of the accommodation by additional 30%.
Special services provided by the accommodation unit which are not included in the basic price (e.g. meals, renting sports courts) need to be paid additionally (unless stated differently).
Optional services provided by the agency (e.g. excursions, local guides) which are not related directly to the offer of the booked accommodation unit need to be paid directly to the agency in the local currency of the country where service is provided.
In case of price change of a particular accommodation unit after sending a booking request and prior to paying the deposit the agency has the obligation to inform immediately the Guest and send a new invoice. To the guests who have already paid the deposit the agency guarantees that the rest of the amount will be calculated according to the prices which were valid at the moment of the reservation.
Our prices do not include the travel insurance covering the risks of traveling and the entire stay in the unit. We recommend arranging the travel insurance with your insurance company.

4. Categorization and description of the services
The accommodation units are standardized according to the official categorization of the Croatian Ministry of Tourism and the County Office of Tourism at the time the permit for accommodation rental was issued.
Every Guest must be received in a clean and tidy accommodation unit. Guests will be provided with clean towels and linen at the arrival. For those guests who stay longer than a week linen, towels and dishcloths will be replaced with clean ones in agreement with the owner (usually once a week or as required).
On the day of arrival to private accommodation, the guests can start using the accommodation after 2pm and on the day of departure the guests must leave the accommodation by 10am.
The service provider has 4 hours to prepare the accommodation to receive new guests. Handing over the keys is done in the accommodation unit.

5. Agency’s right to changes and cancellations
The Agency reserves the right to change reservations in the event of unforeseen circumstances or force majeure. The agency has the right to replace the reserved accommodation with another accommodation unit of the same or higher category and at same the price with prior notification of the guest. If the alternative accommodation is available in a particular facility at a price 15% higher than the price of the reserved accommodation, the agency reserves the right to charge the price difference upon consulting the Guest. If alternative is not possible, the agency reserves the right to cancel the reservation upon prior notification of the Guest before arrival and is obliged to refund the deposit to the Guest.

6. Guest’s right to changes and cancellations
If a Guest wants to cancel the reservation, this must be done in writing via e-mail (e-mail address: For cancellation made more than 45 days prior to the arrival date the agency refunds the full deposit minus 20 euros for fixed costs and the cost of money transfer. If the Guest cancels the booking within less than 45 days prior to the arrival date he/she has no right to reclaim the deposit.
If the Guest does not show up or cancels the booking after the arrival date, the agency will charge the entire amount of the booking.

7. Agency’s obligations
The Agency is responsible for ensuring that the Guest is provided with all the services and is responsible if the prepaid services are not provided entirely or partly.
The agency will not be held responsible in case of changes and services not provided caused by force majeure.

8. Guest’s obligations
The guest has to:
 have valid travel documents and a visa if it is required to enter the Republic of Croatia
 respect the customs and currency regulations in the Republic of Croatia
 obey the house rules in the accommodation unit and cooperate with the service providers in good faith
 not bring other guests from other accommodation units in his accommodation unit without owner’s consent
 any damage caused in the accommodation unit must be paid in full on the spot
 not to take out the equipment from the accommodation unit (blankets, towels and similar)
 turn off the air conditioning and other electrical appliances (kettle, lights, washing machine, dishwasher, TV or similar) before leaving the apartment
 upon coming to the accommodation unit the owner must be shown the voucher with all the details regarding the number of persons and type of services to be provided
 bear the responsibility and costs due to the failure in complying with obligations
 guests can check in after 2pm and on the day of departure they must check out by 10 am. Handing over the keys is done in the accommodation unit.

9. Luggage
The agency is not responsible for the luggage that has been destroyed, damaged, lost or stolen in the accommodation unit. Lost luggage or theft must be reported to the owner of the accommodation and to the nearest police station.

10. Complaints
The Guest has the right to ask for a refund of the paid service which hasn’t been provided. The Guest has to file a written complaint.
If the Guest, upon arrival to the accommodation unit, is not satisfied with the condition of the accommodation, he/she has to notify the agency immediately and notify the owner about the complaint. The Guest has to cooperate with the agency and the owner in order to resolve the problems. If the complaint is justified, and the service is not satisfying, the agency will do its best to ensure that the guest receives acceptable solution equal to the paid service to the owner. The agency and the owner must not offer to the Guest alternative accommodation of lower category. If the Guest leaves the accommodation unit on his own initiative and finds another accommodation and in that way does not give a chance to the agency to resolve the problem he/she has no right to ask for a refund or file a complaint for damage compensation. If the Guest does not file a complaint on the spot he/she has no right to ask for a refund.

11. Court jurisdiction
If the Guest is not satisfied with the complaint he/she is entitled to court arbitration. In such a case Commercial Court in Split will be competent.

By paying the deposit the Guest accepts these general terms.